Urban Agriculture Month at Grand Potager

May is urban agriculture Month at Grand Potager!  A variety of activities are available in the greenhouses. Depending on the events, you can discover mushroom growing in the city as well as learn how to create, plant and maintain your first vegetable garden. Take advantage of the expertise of urban agriculture specialists during workshops and training sessions!

Discover our programming for 2019!

Grow your own Shiitake
2 mai – 6h00to 9h00pm, ENG – $

More and more people are discovering the pleasure of growing their own shiitake mushrooms at home, on balconies, in gardens or really wherever plants don’t have enough light! Come and discover with Urban Homestead Montréal how to take care of shiitake, make them grow and cook them is really great fun for all ages. So come learn a ton of things, have fun, and go with your own shiitake log! Includes cooking and tasting tips.
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Contact: sheenaswirlz@gmail.com

Gardening in the City

May 11th and 25th – 1 -2pm (FR), 11-12pm (ENG) – $
16 mai – 5-6pm (FR), 6h30-7h30pm (ENG) – $

Discover the magic of growing your own food in the city with Urban Seedling! Through this workshop, Urban Seedling will guide you on how best to overcome the obstacles to gardening in the city and will explore with you the particularities of Montreal’s growing season.
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Contact: info@urbanseedling.com

Make Your Own Terrarium
May 12th – 1-3pm (ENG) -$

Terrariums: a way to grow plants in a mini eco-system!
These cute bowl growing beds are a great addition to your home, or make a unique gift for the holidays! Join Urban Homestead Montreal for this great workshop.
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Contact: sheenaswirlz@gmail.com

Make Your Own Kokedama
May12th – 3-5pm (ENG) – $

Come and learn how to make a beautiful moss ball arrangement!
In this hands on workshop with Urban Homestead Montréal, each attendee will make their very own  kokedama to take home, learn about plant selection and go over all the information needed to keep your new moss ball creations healthy and happy
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Contact: sheenaswirlz@gmail.com

Design your Ultimate Balcony Garden
May 15th – 6h30-830pm (ENG) -$

Learn all about vertical gardening with Urban Homestead Montreal and optimizing your small balcony space for a productive garden! Empower yourself with new skills to set up your ultimate balcony garden.We`ll explore making the most of small outdoor growing spaces with various do-it-yourself vertical growing systems, with a focus on using cheap and recycled materials.
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Contact: sheenaswirlz@gmail.com

Initiation to Aquaponics
May16th – 6-9pm(FR) – $

This practical aquaponics training session offered by the Coopérative de solidarité urbaine abondance solidaire is for people who are interested in aquaponics and want to understand how it works. If you want to have a general idea of what it means to design, install and operate an alternative food production system, this workshop is for you!
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Contact: info@coopcaus.ca

Guided tour of Grand Potager
May 18th – 11h-12h00pm (FR), 12h30 to 1h30 (ANG) – Free

Discover the Grand Potager: Urban Agriculture Centre in the heart of Verdun! 21 organizations sharing a space dedicated to urban agriculture; learn more about the organization and visit the greenhouses. Discover aquaponics, hydroponics, rare and exotic plants, beekeeping and more! A unique place in Montreal in the heart of Verdun. This is free event however, you must reserve by signing up below.
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Contact: info@grandpotager.org

A Celebration of the Medicinal Plant of the Year
May 20th – 1h00 to 5pm (FR, ENG)- Free

La Guilde des herboristes invites you to an afternoon of sharing and learning about medicinal plants, education and fun on the shores of the St. Lawrence River! There will be a diversified offer of workshops, conferences and herbal identification walks to celebrate sloe! Join us for this special day!
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Contact: info@guildedesherboristes.org

Bees and beekeeping in the city 
May 26th – 1pm to 2pm (FR)- $

Come and discover with Jency Mercier from Rucher Reine Noire the benefits of bees in cities, the products of the hive and how to take care of them in an urban context.
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Contact: jen_mer65@hotmail.com 

Low-light Gardening: Make it work
22 mai – 6-8pm (ENG) – $

Introducing a new gardening presentation: Learn how and what to grow in a low light garden space!
The presentation includes information on:
*Defining lighting conditions
* Advantages of growing in the shade
* Preparing the garden to optimize production in low light
* Varieties of Plants for shady conditions: Herbs, Greens and Vegetables
* Top recommendations for ecological seeds and seedlings in  Montreal
Includes seedlings for your garden!
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Contact: sheenaswirlz@gmail.com

Hops Cultivation in the City
23 mai – 6h30 to 8h30pm (FR) – $

Demystify hops, their cultivation, growth cycle and urban planting. Learn in this workshop offered by Botaphyte the medicinal properties and food derivatives of hops. Explanations on the use in amateur brewing and in the production of beer and its taste variants. Plants for sale on site for $15.
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Contact: info@botaphyte.com

Saturdays in the greenhouse
May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th – (FR, ENG) – Gratuit

Are you looking for opportunities to get your hands dirty and learn more about growing your own food? New this year, Urban Seedling is launching the Saturday Volunteer Days as part of Urban Agriculture Month Grand Potager in May.  Greenhouse opportunities involve assistance with transplanting, fertilization and pest control, as well as general assistance around our gardens, greenhouse and garden centre.
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Contact: info@urbanseedling.com

Growing ethnic and rare vegetables
29 mai – 5h30 to 7h30pm (FR) – $

In this workshop offered by Hamidou Horticulture, discover ethnic and rare vegetable varieties and learn how to grow them at home.
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Contact: hamidouhorticulture@gmail.com

Earth Day

Join us to celebrate Earth Day at Grand Potager!

A family day filled with information, workshops, activities, crafts and games! A festive, fun and playful way to celebrate Earth Day with friends, family and the community! April 22nd from 10-2pm.

Easter egg hunt will start at 11h00 for kids 0 to 10 years old.

Seedy Saturday in Verdun

Get the jump on the season and come see local seed vendors and organic gardening suppliers during the Verdun Seedy Saturday!

Échange de semences / Seed Exchange
Plusieurs semenciers / Many Seed Companies
Entreprises écologiques locales / Local Ecological Companies
Conférences de jardinage et semences / Gardening workshops

La Shop Agricole
Semences du Portage
Urban Seedling / Semis Urbains
Terre Promise semencière artisanale
Semences Le Noyau Seeds
Jardins de la Gaillarde
Planète Jardin
Les Jardins de l’écoumène
La Ferme Coopérative Tourne-Sol
Jardin des vie-la-joie
Les Lames d’Arthur. Arthur’s Blades. アーサーの刃
Jardins La Brouette
Own Your Creativity
Hamidou Horticulture
Laurence Bouvet Services financiers
Flora Exotica
Rucher Reine Noire
Délices des Pâtisseries Divers

11h00 English – Vegetable gardening in the city – Semis Urbains
11h30 Français – Applications de la permaculture en ville – Planète Jardin
12h00 Français – Produire et conserver ses semences chez soi – Maison de l’environnement de Verdun
12h30 Français -Séance d’information sur les placements éthiques et environnementaux – Laurence Bouvet Services financiers
13h00 English – Safe plant foraging in the city – Victoria Sage
13h30 English – From Seed to Story – Own Your Creativity
14h00 Français – Transplants ou semis directs? Avantages et défis de chacun – Ferme Les Carottés

The Grand Potager Harvest Party

Join us to celebrate the season during our annual Harvest Party!

Our harvest party is right around the corner. The Grand Potager, Urban Agriculture Centre invites you to a harvest celebration in the Verdun municipal greenhouses on October 12th from 5-8pm. 

Delicious snacks made from the greens from our urban gardens, will be served along with some drinks. Discover the urban agriculture and food security project happening in the greenhouses. We will be launching our vision for the development of the site and would love to hear from you. We look forward to hosting you all at Grand Potager, The Urban Agriculture Centre of the west of the island of Montreal. This event will take place at our location at 7000 boulevard lasalle in Verdun.

You can reserve your spot by clicking here.

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Free event