Garden Center

News from the Grand Potager Garden Center

A few weeks ago we announced the opening of the Grand Potager Garden Center. We now have to inform our customers and our partners that we are unfortunately unable to launch the project this year, due to the current context. The project is on pause, but we are continuing to work in the backstage to develop the skills necessary to ensure the success of the project in the spring of 2021. Please note that the Urban Seedling online garden center is now open and that this family business is pursuing the management and logistics of this operation from the Verdun greenhouses. The transfert of the garden center to the Grand Potager banner will continue at a more appropriate time.

What is the Grand Potager Garden Center? The Grand Potager Garden Center is a space offering everything needed by citizens, experts or novices, to build and start their own edible garden projects. Whether it be in terms of seeds, natural fertilizers or edible plant varieties that are hard to find, or whether it be in terms of information and tips on gardening, the Grand Potager Garden Center wants to gather all the tools and materials to make urban agriculture accessible to all. Our inventory catalogue will promote environmental and local products to help build a more resilient economic and social system. Our Garden Center also wants to be a space for the community by offering opportunities for learning and volunteering, in exchange for a reward program.

This project is not cancelled, only postponed to Spring 2021! We are continuing to work backstage on our inventory and to build the skills to better serve you when we will finally be open to the public! In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the ONLINE Urban Seedling Garden Center which is open and offers all the materials needed for your edible garden!